At Fox Veterinary clinic, we use the safest, most modern anaesthetic drugs combined with gaseous intubation. We will always tailor our anaesthetic protocol to your pet’s specific needs. We will often recommend bloodwork prior to surgery to ensure your pet’s kidneys and liver and functioning normally.

Each pet is assessed before their procedure and necessary precautions are always put into place. Your pet will be placed on intravenous fluids while they are under general anaesthetic to keep their blood pressure at a normal level and to help to flush out the anaesthetic drugs after the surgery. This will help to provide a smooth recovery from surgery. We use modern monitoring equipment and the experience and expertise of our vet nurses and vets to monitor your pet’s vitals throughout the surgery.

Our daily surgery worklist varies from day to day but examples of some surgeries that are done daily include routine spays, neuters, lump removals and many other major/minor procedures. Our usual patients include cats, dogs and even the odd exotic pet such as a rabbit or guinea pig. The worklist does not stop there, we also carry out x-rays and dentals which include descaling, polishing of teeth and extractions if needed.

We require your pet to have a pre-spay/neuter/dental check with one of our vet nurses or vets at least one month before they have their procedure. This is a complimentary service to ensure your pet is fit and healthy enough to go under a general anaesthetic.

We understand some things cannot be planned so we do cater for emergency surgeries when they present to us from time to time.

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