Charity Partners

Our Charity Partners

Here at Fox Veterinary Clinic we are very lucky to work alongside some fantastic charities and organisations such as North Dublin Cat Rescue (NDCR), Cat and Dog Protection Association (CDPA), Dog’s Aid and Dog’s Trust. We thoroughly enjoy the work we get to do with each of these organisations as their members are all brilliant individuals who devote a large amount of their time helping the animals on the street when nobody else will. It is our opportunity to do our part for the greater community and give a helping hand to those who so invest so much time and effort with the care of these animals.

At the start of every year Dog’s Trust release a certain number of vouchers to our clinic which allows us to provide spays and neuters at a subsided rate for dog owner’s who fit the criteria. This is part of their Neutering-scheme which we are proud to be part of. Please note we are only given a select number of vouchers and once they are gone; we do not receive any more until the follow year. Please see their website for more information about this scheme:

NDCR and CDPA both take part in Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) of feral cats. This is where feral and stray cats are trapped using a humane cat-trap, then brought to our clinic where they are spayed/neutered, treated for parasites and given any other medical treatment that is necessary before being released again or rehomed if possible. It is a successful method of keeping cat colonies to a minimum and preventing an increase in the already overpopulated cat population.

We have been working quite closely with the NDCR for a while now and find the work we do with them very rewarding. At least once a month together with NDCR we host an ‘Adoption Morning’ in our clinic before we open to the clinic to the public. This is were cats and kittens who were in foster care with one of NDCR many fosterers are finally ready to be rehomed to there forever home. We have families from all over the country come and meet their new feline friend. Each cat is given a vet check, first vaccine, microchip and parasite treatment before heading off to their new homes.

NDCR also take care of any abandoned kittens or cats that may be sick or injured. They have a great following on social media who work together to report these cases to them and set up rescues. We treat many of the cat/kittens that come into the care of NDCR. We are often presented with a wide range of cases some include routine parasite treatments for feral kittens and cats, road traffics accidents, vomiting and diarrhoea, severe dehydration. We often provide surgery when necessary such as a cat that may have wound requiring stitches. We will continue to work with NDCR and give the cats and kittens in need a second chance at a better life. The volunteers who invest their time in this charity are constantly on the go from managing rescues to ensuring everything is in order for an Adoption Morning to even maintaining full time jobs and family commitments!

For more information or if you are looking to adopt to go to their Facebook Page: .