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Health Checks and Vaccinations

Whether your pet is young or old, all pets should have an annual check-up with their vet. This is to ensure that they are completely healthy and to detect any signs or illness or disease. We sometimes diagnose early stages of illness on the physical examination of your pet, and this early detection can often help us to treat the illness effectively before it becomes too serious. During every health check at our clinic, your beloved pet will receive a thorough, head-to-tail examination.
We recommend annual boosters to maintain your pet’s immunity. A full health check will be carried out at the time of your pet’s vaccination.

Medical Consultations

If you have any queries or concerns regarding your pet, do not hesitate to contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced vets. If you think your pet needs immediate medical attention, we will always endeavour to see you and your pet as soon as possible.


At Fox Veterinary clinic, we use the safest, most modern anaesthetic drugs combined with gaseous intubation. We will always tailor our anaesthetic protocol to your pet’s specific needs. We will often recommend bloodwork prior to surgery to ensure your pet’s kidneys and liver and functioning normally. Your pet will be placed on intravenous fluids throughout their anaesthesia and surgery to keep their blood pressure at a normal level and to help to flush out the anaesthetic drugs after the surgery- this will help to provide a smooth recovery from surgery.
We use modern monitoring equipment and the experience and expertise of our vet nurses and vets to monitor your pet’s vitals throughout the surgery.

In-House Laboratory

We have an on-site laboratory which enables us to run tests immediately and gain access to results within minutes. This is particularly useful when we have emergency cases. In our laboratory we offer the following services:
Blood biochemistry analysis
Skin scraping and skin cytology examinations
Ear swab cytology
Fine needle aspiration (biopsy)
X-rays are used for assessing your pet’s internal organs and bones. At Fox Veterinary Clinic, we have a state-of-the-art digital x-ray which delivers crystal clear images in minutes.


The importance of your pet’s oral health cannot be underestimated. Thanks to Veterinary care, our pets are living longer and this means we need to preserve and care for their teeth. Dogs and cats are good at hiding dental pain and as pet owners, we often cannot tell that they have gum disease or a bad tooth. At your pet’s annual health check, our vets will examine their mouths and identify whether your pet is suffering from dental disease or not. They will also give you advice on how to care for your pet’s teeth to prevent any dental problems in the future.
At Fox Veterinary Clinic, we have state-of-the-art dental equipment and our vets have been highly trained in veterinary dentistry. So, should your pet need dental attention, rest assured they are in the very best hands.


There are so many commerical diets on the market today. But do you know which one best suits your pet's needs? We are here to help! Our staff are qualified to advise you on the best nutrition for your pet. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us on (01) 8348411 or email information@foxvets.ie

Pet Passports

Get your pet ready for their travels by visiting our clinic today. Depending on which country they are travelling to, they may need protection against specific diseases and parasites. They may also need treatment whilst on holiday in order to avoid quarantine when they return to Ireland. Save yourself and your pet the unnecessary stress, speak to one of our experienced team well ahead of your trip and we will be happy to organise everything you need.
For more information on Pet Passports or travelling with your pet, call (01) 8348411 or email information@foxvets.ie


Did you know that it is illegal not to have your dog microchipped in Ireland? Not complying with the regulations puts you at risk of €5000 fine or even imprisonment.
Have you ever thought about what you would do if your beloved companion went missing? Where would you start searching? Microchipping ensures that your pet has your address and contact details with them at all times. Unlike a collar or tag, a microchip cannot be easily removed or lost. When they are scanned, your pet's unique microchip number will reveal your contact information when entered into a central database, allowing your pet to be reunited with you as quickly as possible.
And it couldn't be easier! For more information on microchipping, call us at (01) 8248411 or email information@foxvets.ie

Grooming & Cat Boarding

Fox Veterinary Clinic are proud to offer compassionate, professional grooming. Hilary, our groomer, will always ensure that your pet will leave looking their very best! We also provide a cat boarding service for those times when you need someone to look after Tiddles whilst you're away.

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